What are Roles in TigerConnect?

  • 9 December 2020
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Roles are a premium feature of TigerConnect that allows an organization’s Admin to create and administer specific Roles for their organization for more focused communication (i.e. - Nurse Lead, On Call Hospitalist). Learn more about how to use Roles by clicking the link below.


Once these Roles get created, all users in their respective TigerConnect organization can compose a message to a Role where the messages route to the person assigned to that Role at the given time.

You can easily to search for and message on-call specialists without having to track down a unit clerk or manually look up the person’s contact information on a computer, whiteboard, or printed schedule.

For more details on how to send messages, make sure you are logged in to TigerConnect Community and check out our Knowledge Base to find how-to and training guides on all of TigerConnect’s features.

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