group policy push of the Admin Installer

  • 21 December 2022
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I was wondering if anyone had any experience creating an MSI package from the executable or running the installer via command line through a batch file. 

I have done this numerous times in the past with different executables, but I am running into issues with install times or simply not seeing the application install. 

I have created MSI packages using MSI Wrapper (payed-for-version) and tried to install via Computer GP and via User GP. Both scenarios I am getting a “Please wait” from Windows for 30 minutes and then it fails to install, though event logs say it installed properly. 

If I push the install via  batch file there are no errors in the event log or anything, it just doesn’t install. 

Just looking for a little guidance or gotchas. 

Thank you,



1 reply


Hello Lucas,

TigerConnect does not currently offer an MSI package for the Desktop App. It is something we offered in the past, but did not have a great deal of interest in from our customer base. Given there are 3rd party tools that can accomplish the same effort we made the decision to stop publishing the MSI allowing us to devote more time and energy to create new features and address bugs that come up.

I do think the request for an MSI is valid. I would take this opportunity to our new Ideas process (formerly Voice of the Customer). Your idea is something that other Community users can up vote on as well, and you can do the same for other ideas you'd like to see from us.

You can see more details about the Ideas process here:

Please let us know if you have any questions.