Homework #2 - Entering your TigerConnect Physician Schedule

  • 26 July 2022
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Now that you have completed Training #1 and #2, you may begin your homework #2 assignments below.

Log into TigerConnect Physician Scheduling



You will not be able to complete these tasks without finishing all of the Session 1 Homework. Please complete, in order,  the homework below.  

  1. Enter your schedule into TigerConnect Physician Scheduling. You now have all the tools to enter call. Please feel free to use any of the optional steps that might be of help to you. Once you enter call, your project manager will be able to view call and make possible suggestion for Advanced Scheduling.

Optional: Use the day-off scheduler to enter all known days off for your physicians for the month of Go-Live (and beyond). 

  1. Download and login to the TigerConnect Physician Scheduling App. Mobile App Guide for Schedulers

IF you have more than your Go-Live’s month schedule, feel free to enter as much of your future schedule as you like!


Once you complete your Session #2 homework, please confirm with your TigerConnect Physician Scheduling Project manager so you can scheduled your next check in! 


Ready to go live? Click below for your Go Live Checklist.


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