TigerConnect Physician Scheduling Naming Convention Suggestions and Best Practices

  • 15 July 2022
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Being consistent with TigerConnect Physician Scheduling Job descriptions and abbreviations helps create a strong schedule.  It will also create consistency with jobs across a facility and ease for using the Daily Roster. 


What jobs do I need?

Before we talk about how to name your jobs you have to consider what jobs you need. When thinking about what jobs you need to set up you have to start with what are the times of a the assignments you have on your schedule. Do your providers start call Monday at 7am until the following Monday at 7am? Do you have a day and a night shift during the week and then the same person that is on Friday night covers all of Saturday and Sunday? Let’s break these two examples down.

Example one: One provider is on call for a week. Monday 7a, to the following Monday at 7am.

The first thing to remember is the TigerConnect Scheduling jobs can only be 24 hours long.  We will only need one job on the schedule that starts at 7am and ends at 7am.  When scheduling you will assign the same provider on each day of the week.  The Monday that they start through the following Sunday.  Since we have set up the job to end at 7am the next day you do not need to schedule that provider on the following Monday - the provider taking over on Monday will be the only provider scheduled that day.

Example two: Day and a night shift during the week and then the same person that is on Friday night covers all of Saturday and Sunday

You can create either 2 or 3 jobs.  I will create three.

Job 1 - 7a-7p (Day settings are Monday - Friday)

Job 2 - 7p-7a (Day settings are Monday - Friday)

Job 3 - 7a-7a (Day settings are 7 days a week - to be used on holidays, not just weekends)

When scheduling you would schedule Monday through Friday for Job 1 and Job 2 then on Saturday and Sunday (and possibly holidays) use the 24-hour job.

If you only want to create 2 jobs - do not set up the 24 hour job and schedule both day and night jobs every day of the week. The same provider can be schedule for both day and night jobs to cover 24 hours.


What do you call these jobs?

You have to create two items for Jobs: the description and the abbreviation. The description shows up on the microsite that anyone you share this with will see. The abbreviation shows up on the monthly view for mainly for your providers to see.


TigerConnect Physician Scheduling follows the following naming convention - use this layout when creating jobs.

Job Description can have anywhere from 3 to 5 parts (all items here are spelled out completely, only the facility is abbreviated):

  1. The facility abbreviation or location of office
  2. The department specialty
  3. Provider type (not always relevant)
  4. The assignment
  5. Start and End times of the assignment

Job abbreviations are made up of the same parts but only allow for 25 characters so shortened terms are needed here. When setting up these up we use abbreviations and separate the parts with a period or colon.

Job Example one: Podiatry at a local General hospital that has 24 hour call from 7AM to 7AM the following day.

Description: General Hospital Podiatry On Call 7a-7a (24h)

Abbreviation: GH:POD:OC:7a-7a

Job Example two: Dental office called South Avenue office that has a on call shift from 5PM to 8AM. 

Description: South Ave Dental On Call 5P-8A

Abbreviation: SA:DEN:OC:5P-8A

Job Example three: Nephrology at the local General hospital the is for fellows only and overnight from 5PM to 7AM. 

Description: General Hospital Nephrology Adult Fellow Night 5p-7a

Abbreviation: GH:NEPH:FEL:OC:5p-7a


Common Abbreviation

Assignment Abbreviations:

On Call OC
Back Up BU

Provider Level Abbreviations:

INT Intern
FEL Fellow
ATTG Attending


PA Physician Assistant
CNP Certified Nurse Practitioner

Service Line Abbreviations:

Specialty Abbreviation 
Addiction Psychiatry Addiction Psych
Allergy Allergy
Bone Marrow Transplant BMT
Cardiac Surgery Cardiac Surg
Cardiology Cardio
Cardiac Care Unit CCU
Heart Failure CHF
Otolaryngology ENT
General Cardiology Gen Cards
General Medicine Gen Med
General Surgery Gen Surg
Genetics Genetics
Geriatrics Geri
Gastroenterology GI
Gynecology Gyn
Hematology/Oncology Heme/Onc
Hyperglycemia Hyperglycemia
Infectious Diseases ID
Medical ICU MICU
Mother Infant Unit MIU
Neurology Neuro
Neurosurgery NeuroSurg
Neonatal ICU NICU
Oncology Onc
Ophthalmology Ophtho
Orthopedic Surgery Ortho
Palliative Care Palliative
Pediatric ICU PICU
Psychiatry Psych
Pulmonology Pulm
Rehab Medicine Rehab Med
Renal Renal
Rheumatology Rheum
Urology Urology
Vascular Surgery Vasc Surg

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