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  • 28 July 2022
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TigerConnect Physician Scheduling is a powerful, easy-to-use solution for quickly automating on-call physician/provider scheduling that maintains fair and evenly distributed assignments. 

When integrated with TigerConnect’s Clinical Collaboration Platform, it enables intelligent message routing and on the fly secure texting. 

The video below can give you some insight , at a high level, an overview of TigerConnect Physician Scheduling.  

A few of the many benefits of TigerConnect Physician Scheduling are:

  • Creating a single source of truth.  

  • Improving the quality of care.  

  • Increased provider satisfaction.  

  • Enable standard adherence.  

  • Mobility of use.  

Through these articles, we will be teaching you how to use TigerConnect Scheduling. This group will cover topics such as how to set up your group successfully, how to enter your call, and more. We will highlight key features available for your schedule(s) in each training session.

If you have any questions regarding your training sessions or homework, please reach out to your TigerConnect Project Manager or TigerConnect Client Care.

Client Care email: prosupport@tigerconnect.com
Client Care phone: 877-435-8826

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