How to: Submit an Idea or Suggest a New Feature

  • 14 September 2022
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How to: Submit an Idea or Suggest a New Feature
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How to: Submit an Idea or Suggest a New Feature

Do you have an idea or feedback on our products? Awesome! If you follow these tips, the Community and our Product Team will receive the information that we need to best process your ideas.


1. Use our search function first 🔎

Make sure to use the community's search function: if you're lucky, someone else has already submitted a similar idea and you can upvote or comment on it. This way we avoid duplicates and ensure a more accurate voting process. This will also save you some time!

If you can't find a similar idea, you can publish a new one by creating a new topic. Make sure to  select "Idea" as the post type here.

2. Come up with a suitable title 🎯

The title for your idea must be well thought out and describe your topic clearly so that our community members know exactly what you mean. The more descriptive your title, the more likely you are to get more upvotes on your idea. 


 3. Explain your idea  💡

Now comes the most important part! You need to explain your idea in as much detail as possible so that the Community and our Product Experts have all the information they need to respond. Here are a few questions that your description should clarify: 

  • What would you like to achieve with TigerConnect?  What issue do you need to solve?
  • Why? What would be the added value for you? 
  • How are you solving it right now? 

The more details, the better! However, remember not to share any personal or business data with the public. If we need more data from you, we will contact you by direct message in the community platform or email. 


4. Choose the matching product area & add tags 🏷️

When you submit a new idea, you will see a list of products: simply select which product your idea belongs to. This way, our community members and product experts will be able to easily find it in the respective product areas of the Ideation Overview. 

You can even add some tags (keywords)! These help refine our community search and give even more visibility to your idea. 

After you submit your idea, don’t forget to upvote it, even if it’s your own idea - every vote counts! 

Now you can get started 🎉: go ahead and share your ideas and suggestions here!

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